We all set goals--at least sometimes. The experts tell us that most successful individuals use goal-setting all the time to organize their activities, prioritize the events and maximize their use of time. Agreed? So, how do we create goals, and how do we stay focused on them?

 In Life Planner, we believe that our goals and action plans should be congruent, fitting together harmoniously, and not in conflict one with another. To that end, we start with a statement of Purpose, from which all objectives, goals and action plans are conceived. Such congruency creates drive and initiative. One becomes animated and excited when stated intentions and desires flow from the central purpose of one's life.




Keeping our stated purpose and goals in mind is a challenge; there are so many distractions around us. To help maintain our focus, we can draw upon statements and famous passages or quotations that relate to and remind us of our commitments to ourselves and to others. That's why, in Life Planner, you can combine your stated Strategy with Inspiring quotations and declarations. In Life Planner, you will even be able to start your computer and have those motivating quotes appear on your screen (and have them zoom as large as you like) before anything else, even before you start to wander to other things such as emails, Facebook, news, etc. 




Ok, so you have some goals. Now, how are you going to carry them out? You need to flesh out the details, set dates, coordinate with others, maintain correspondence, set appointments, keep records, study and practice skills, etc. All these and more can be incorporated in Life Planner: Goals are broken down into Actions-----Actions are put on the Calendar-----Appointments with contacts are evaluated------future Followup is scheduled------and goals accomplished are celebrated (flashing lights and trumpet, no less!).




A vital part of our growth depends on relationships with others: family, teammates, mentors, teachers, etc. All of these are contemplated in Life Planner, as you sort your actions by priority, work with a mentor or become a mentor, prepare lessons or assignments for yourself or downline or group members, communicate with individuals or groups, and designate an Actor and Recipient of each of your Action Plans.




Although we hope that you will utilize all the available features and organize your Strategy in a particular way, Life Planner can be flexible and will adapt to your preferences. You decide what statements and quotations to put in the Inspiration section. You can create Action plans before creating goals or objectives (although we would prefer that you start at the Statement of Purpose). You can decide what Areas of Life are important for your goal-setting. You can use the Contacts file to keep up with anyone or any group that you choose. And you don't have to use any part of the program that you don't want to use. (But, we still hope that you will give the recommended process a chance.)

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