There are several sources of help for running Life Planner and taking full advantage of its many features.

1. General Help file

This file can be accessed on the Main Menu, as well as printed out from the Documentation folder. The General Help file gives you:

a. an overview of the software,

b. a description of each section,

c. suggestions for getting started,

d. some unfamiliar terms that you might encounter, and 

e. where to get help, along with the process for recovering a damaged file.


2. Contextual Help

Most of the screens in Life Planner have Contextual Help, accessed by clicking on the ? in the menu. The Contextual Help gives help on most of the individual items or fields found on the screen.


3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of questions and answers is available on this website.


4. Videos

There will be short videos on this website that show how Life Planner functions.


5. Forum

A future Forum on this website is designed for registered users to be able to discuss pertinent topics. We invite you to peruse the forum and to participate.


6. Articles

Be sure to read the articles published on this website. They have been written to emphasize the importance of organizing and prioritizing your plans.