Life Planner is designed to install on your computer, either Mac or PC. A big bonus is that you can transfer those files and run Life Planner also on your iPad or iPhone. In order to run Life Planner on your iPad or iPhone, you need to first download the free app, Filemaker Go, from the Apple Store, to your iPad or iPhone. Be sure to get the latest version of Filemaker Go.

 The easiest way to transfer files to or from your iPhone or iPad is to use AirDrop (if you have a Mac computer with that capability). Using AirDrop, you can select the app on your iPhone or iPad that will open the file. It is quick and requires fewer steps.

Here are the general steps for transferring files to your iPad or iPhone, using a usb cable:

1. Connect your device to your computer.

2. In iTunes, select your iPad or iPhone, then click the Apps tab.

3. Below File Sharing, select FileMaker Go from the list, then click Add (you may need to scroll down to see Add).

4. Select the files to transfer, then click Choose. You need only to transfer these files: Backstor, Contacts, Letters, Main Menu, Menu, Motivation, Phone Numbers, Strategy, and ToDo. They can be found in your Life Planner Folder, on your hard drive.



You can also use the free Dropbox on your computer and iPad or iPhone. (You need to have the free Filemaker Go app on your iPad or iPhone). This method may work best for updating your files on the iPad or iPhone from those that are on your computer (if you don't have Airdrop).

To use Dropbox:

1. Copy the 10 main files from your Life Planner Folder (Backstor, Calendar, Contacts, Letters, Main Menu, Menu, Motivation, Phone Numbers, Strategy, ToDo) and paste them into your Dropbox folder. The easiest way to keep up with the files is to create a Life Planner Folder in the Dropbox folder and paste the files there.

2. After a few moments, those files will appear in your Dropbox folder on your iPad or iPhone. You will then have to select them, one at a time, choose the share icon on your device,  and select Filemaker Go to open each file, replacing the older file.

Note: There are some features in Life Planner that are not available on the iPad or iPhone. These are not crippling limitations, but you will be aware of them. One limitation is that you cannot view the ToDo list on the same screen at the same time as the Motivation part or other parts of Life Planner. If you want to view the Motivation part first, you might want, on your computer, to de-select the ToDo List in the Preferences in Main Menu. The ToDo list is visible as part of the weekly view of the Calendar, and you can at any time choose to open the ToDo list itself by selecting it in the Activities list of the Strategy section. You can also switch from one file to another by clicking on the filename at the top and then sliding the files to the left or right.

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