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1. Sometimes Life Planner seems to freeze and does not respond. What is happening?

Most of the buttons that you click on in Life Planner activate scripts, which are a series of commands to achieve a certain result. If a script is interrupted by your clicking on another button too quickly or at the wrong time, the original script may pause and wait for you to complete it or cancel it. To see if that is the problem, you can click on the little rectangle in the bottom left corner of the window, beside the two zoom buttons. That will open the Status Area at the top of the window. If the "Continue" button is highlighted in blue, clicking on it will cause the script to complete, and the program will respond to further clicks.

Note: We are working on ways to prevent this issue in a future update.






1. When I try to print a list of items, only one item prints, or vice versa.

One detail to watch is, when you bring up the print window, where you tell it how many pages you want to print, to look for the option to print either "Current Record" or "Records being Browsed". You choose "Current Record" if you want to print only one record, and the other if you want a list of records to print.


2. When I click on the "Print Record" button, everything on the screen prints. But I want to print only the data on the page, not the buttons and labels.

Most pages will print cleanly by clicking on the "Print" button. If the page you want to print does not print without including all the buttons, check out the list of printable reports that appears when you click the button labeled "Reports" (Detail View). There you can choose the report that you want to generate. It will allow you to print the report exactly as seen (in black & white) on the screen (no extras). 


3. How do I pull up a certain group of contacts?

There are several ways to control the group of records that appear in List View.


1. Click on the button labeled “Find Record”. Then click in the field labeled “Category”. Select the group from that drop-down list and click on “Continue”. Note: You can edit that drop-down list and add other groups, such as “Friends” or “Family”.


2. You can look at the detail view of the Contact and use "Omit this Record", one of several options found in the Activities list. Use this as you scroll through the records that are showing, in order to omit the ones that you do not want from the printing process. You can also approach it in the opposite manner: select “Show All Records”, then omit certain records, then select “Show Omitted Only”.


3. You can use one of the User-definable fields at the bottom of the Contact Detail View to categorize each Contact and then use the “Find Record” button in relation to that field.







What types of helps are available for me?

First, you will want to read the file "_Read Me First" by double-clicking on it. Second, you should read the General Help that is available in the Main Menu. Print the file and use it as a guide and tutorial while learning the program. Third, if you want help about something on a particular screen, click on the question mark (Contextual Help) in the menu bar, and then click on the item on that page that you want to clarify. Fourth, use the resources on our web site, such as this FAQ file or the videos. Fifth, check out the forum and contributions by other users. Sixth, email us for individual support.







1. How do I find a particular Contact in the Contacts file? 

Concerning looking for a particular Contact’s file--you do need to click first on the "Find Record" button. When the drop-down list of contacts appears, you can select the desired contact, and then click on the "Continue" button that appears on the left column.

There are other ways to find the Contact:

1) As an alternative, after clicking on the "Find Record" button, you can type the first 2 or 3 letters of the last name. That will scroll to the contact(s) that have those letters in the last name. Using your arrow keys (down or up) to select the name and then pressing your ENTER key on your keyboard TWICE will bring up that record.

2) You can use the List View in the Contacts file to find your contact. Be sure that all records are showing (go to "Show All Records" in the Activities field), then click on the blue triangle to the left of the contact (or on the contact’s name).


2. Can I keep up with prospects in Life Planner?

Life Planner will work fine for keeping up with prospects. On Detail View, click in the field labeled “Category” and then select “Edit” to be able to type in “Prospect” or any other categories that you want.








Is it possible to import data into Life Planner from another software?

Yes, you can import data from other software, depending upon whether it is a standard format. You will find in the topmost menu bar "Files/Import Records". Selecting that option will start the process. You can indicate from which file to do the importing and then align the fields. Some fields may not match in regard to their function or location. For example, Life Planner stores phone numbers in a separate file from the other contact data, so you may have to re-enter the phone numbers.






Where in Life Planner can you send email?

Sending email is done from 2 different points:

1.  Once you have entered an email address for a contact (in the same box with telephone numbers), a special icon appears beside that address. Clicking on that icon should bring up your email software that you normally use on your computer. If your email software is not a rare brand, you should be given a window for a new email letter, and the contact's email address should be already entered into the "Send To:" box. I haven't tested this on all possible combinations, so I would appreciate knowing if yours works properly and what software you use for emailing.


2. The second place for emailing is found on the last tab ("Emails & Letters") in the Detail View of the Contacts file. When you create a document on this page, you can then save, print, or email it. The difference here is that you are given the option of sending the document to one contact or to all the "Found" contacts (that is, all those that currently appear in the List View). You can also customize the email for each recipient by inserting merge fields, such as <<contact First Name”>>. 


Note: Life Planner has the ability to use any email account that you have, even such ones as netzero or google. In the Preferences, found on the Main Menu, you can enter the configuration information for the account and select whether to use that account independently of your resident email software or to use your resident email software.






I want to do a backup on a CD. How can I copy only the data files in Life Planner?

The easiest way to transfer your data files (the ones that contain information that you have entered into Life Planner, such as the contacts' name and address, is to copy only the files that are in the Backups folder. These files are the ones that are created when you click on the button labeled "Back up and Quit " that is on the Main Menu screen. However, it is just as easy to copy the entire Life Planner Folder onto a CD. 


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At times I have heard some strange music while using Life Planner. Why is that?

This is a surprise feature in Life Planner that occurs at certain times and then at uncertain times.