Life Planner Software is a division of A tempo Software, creators of the premiere method of record-keeping for music teachers and studios. Producing software for over 15 years, A tempo Software now makes available Life Planner, an application for everyone interested in improving their efficiency and effectiveness. With a unique combination of Motivation, Goal-setting and Social Contact, Life Planner is available for PC and Mac computers and can be run on an iPad or iPhone.

The creators of Life Planner possess a strong history of Christian service to others, coupled with over 30 years experience with computing. Their conviction is that each person needs a central purpose in life to give coherence and harmony to their plans and actions. The driving purpose behind Life Planner is a sincere desire to help others identify their own central purpose in life. With an arsenal of inspiring quotations and a way to tie social relationships to Action Plans, Life Planner is a comprehensive tool for getting better results in all our endeavors, whether work-related, family or otherwise.

The Life Planner website includes a forum for everyone to share their favorite resources, questions and suggestions related to life-planning. We hope that you will find it helpful and will become a participant.

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