It is software that runs on a Mac, a PC, an iPad or an iPhone. It can be downloaded and used for free (with a couple of limitations) or purchased at a very reasonable price. Initially upon installation and startup, it will run for 60 days with all features available. After that, it runs in the free-but-limited mode until you purchase it.

In order to run Life Planner on an iPad or iPhone, you will need to install the free Filemaker Go app for iOS. Instructions for this can be found in the article Life Planner on Your iPad or iPhone.

What does Life Planner do?

Life Planner is a unique combination of three major parts: 

1. Motivation: Inspiring Quotes or Declarations (you get to choose them); organize them by theme; have them pop up when you start your computer or iPad;

2. Comprehensive Goal-setting (Strategy), including a nice ToDo list; see your Action Plans on the included Calendar; export them to your other Calendars;

3. Team-building (Contacts); keep up with appointments, follow-up, studies/assignments.

You may be interested in just one of these components, which is fine. Or, you might want the power derived from the use of all three parts. Life Planner is designed to help us identify, focus on, and successfully complete the important desires of our life. It can be used by network marketers, traditional business individuals, parents, church workers, and just about everyone else.

What is unique about Life Planner?

1.  The special combination of the 3 above-mentioned components, along with a built-in calendar.

2.  Tools that help to keep the goal-setting congruent with your central Purpose.

3.  Quick ways to create Action Plans, whether from a Goal, a planned followup with a contact, or an item on the neat ToDo list.

4.  Easy insertion of your Action Plans onto your other calendars such as iCal or Google Calendar.

5.  A system for preparing and keeping up with studies or assignments for yourself or for team-members or for individuals whom you are mentoring.

6. A quick method of communicating with your contacts via email with or without the use of your resident email software.

7. Batch-emailing to any group of contacts that you select.

8. The ability to have any part of Life Planner automatically appear on the screen when you first turn on your computer. Experience how attitude-changing it can be to read some of those powerful quotations first thing in the morning!

9. Life Planner includes the option to block out distractions with a background that hides your desktop.

For a free download, please register (see the login/create account to the right, or if on the iPad, below). It's quick--just your name and email. After you log in, the Free Downloads box will be near the login box.